404 - file

well son of a bitch. it looks like jorge, one of the interns here, couldn't find what you're looking for. that's his job, to take all the requests that your browser sends him and fill them. it's kinda tough, especially on pages with many images, but he's an intern, and that's what interns are for.

so why couldn't he find this? it better not be because he's funneling all is attention towards mira, the blonde who works at the site next door, because if he is, that bastard's fired! time and time again he's been asked to focus, and he always gives a stern, "¡lo siento!"

but enough about jorge. back to this 404 dealy we've got here. maybe you or whoever sent you here typed in the address wrong? not that i think you're incompetent. it's just that these things happen.

but you know what, i think i know why this happened. that loser frank with all that "it's not a redesign it's a revision" crap. we all just keep out of his way when he does a big redesign. we had an employee here named victor, and all he said was, "are you sure you should delete th--" and before he could finish the sentence, frank fired his ass and told him that if he ever so much as thought the word "cacophony" again, frank would suck out his soul "with just a fucking straw-- the bendy kind." ooo, that wit.

so you wanna maybe try that address again ?

either way, sorry for any inconvenience.